• Mobile Banking

    Doocat Financial Solution is an intuitive and comprehensive platform for immediate use. With the help of Doocat, users, regardless of their location, can easily and simply implement entire spectrum of banking and payment services. Users can access their bank 24/7, check the balance of any account they have in the bank, make money transfers (from one account to another, peer to peer), find locations of ATMs and branches, check currency exchange rates, pay bills, make purchases via NFC & QR identification, utilize recurring payments, participate in loyalty & discount programs, and receive reporting directly from their smart phones, as well as access other services commonly offered by visiting a bank branch. All this functionality is just one touch away, as opposed to wasting precious time by physically going to the bank branch and waiting in lines.

  • Mobile Commerce

    The Doocat Mobile Commerce transactional platform offers customers an easy and fast way to make purchases at any point of sales, make payments for services offered and conclude financial transactions. The application has two separate end-user parts for Clients and Merchants. This solution offers diverse modes of concluding a transaction: Remote, QR and NFC. Merchant creates Payment Order identifying the customer with the phone number upon remote order request, and the transaction is concluded without the need for physical presence. The QR payment mode is used when the service is delivered to door or the payment transaction must be concluded upon receipt. Here smart phone camera can be used to read specific information (QR Code) and the client identified to conclude the transaction. NFC mode is used for on-site point of sales such as cafes, shops and supermarkets. Users move their smart phones that support NFC close to another NFC supported mobile device or a payment accepting terminal, and DOOCAT will communicate wirelessly.

  • Other Modules

    Bill Payments Module: Users can pay their bills from home or office, easy, quick and comfortable.
    Loyalty & Discounts Module: Merchants can create individual or group marketing campaigns and announce their promotion items and discounts to all users of Doocat.
    Reports Module: Users will be able to generate customized reports of their expenditures, see those reports via html interface, extract to pdf, word, xls, and jpeg formats, and control expenses instantly.
    Favorites Module: Make the frequently made payments as a favorite ones and save time for the next payment.
    Recurring Mode: This mode is used to create automatic scheduled payments and transfers. No more late payments, the system will automatically accomplish the specified payments on chosen dates instead of user.

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  • Intuitive & Comprehensive Multilanguage Solution
  • Modular Platform for Immediate Use
  • User Friendly Interface
  • 24/7 Accessible & Customer Support
  • Secure Application [3D|PA-DSS]
  • Safe System [Encrypted Data Transfer |Private SSL Certificate + https]
  • Already Integrated & Deployed Platform
  • Ready for Web Interface, Google Android, IOS & Widows Mobile Platforms
  • Eliminates Regulatory Compliance, Cost Pressures & Multichannel Optimization for Banks
  • ABS System Integration & Totally Controllable By the Bank
  • Work with POS Terminals, ATMs & Can Be Integrated with Various Programs…


  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Financial Institutions
  • Payment Processing Companies
  • Utility & Service Providers
  • Commercial Organizations
  • Bank Account & Card Holders
  • Telco-s


  • Simply Download & Install the App from Google Play, iTunes or Windows Phone
  • Merchant or Buyer Account Registration
  • Fast Verification
  • Easy Use