DOOCAT Mobile Financial Management System

The new era of mobile platforms has brought a new approach to banking – Mobile Banking. Doocat is the answer to the challenges and trends of the mobile banking industry. It is an intuitive and comprehensive mobile banking and commerce platform available for immediate use. With DOOCAT, banks can easily implement and offer the entire spectrum of banking services and payment capabilities to their customers. Doocat is a new approach to common tasks such as bill payments, commerce and other non-cash transactions, it is the new solution for the current global reality of immediate business demand.

    Mobile Banking

  • Create/Add/Remove Virtual Accounts
  • Check balance for attached bank/card accounts
  • Transfer between same bank accounts
  • Transfer to other bank accounts
  • Transfer between card accounts in the same/other bank
  • Make peer to peer transfers
  • Make loan/credit payments
  • View transaction history
  • Exchange rates
  • View ATM and branch locations

    Mobile Commerce

  • Create/Send payment invoices
  • View Merchant’s orders history
  • View Buyer’s orders history
  • View pending orders list
  • Confirm/Pay received invoices
  • Reject payment orders
  • Payment using buyer’s phone number
  • Payment using buyer’s personal QR code
  • Payment using NFC (phone to phone)/POS
  • New payment SMS/Email, push notifications
  • Electronic receipt generation
  • Receive notifications on new loyalty programs
  • View information on Merchant discounts

    Bill Payments

  • Pay for bills/services:
    • Utility services
    • Tickets/Parking
    • Taxes/Penalties, more…
  • Make group payments
  • Create scheduled payments
  • Recurring payments
  • Generate expenditure reports